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Contact Lens Care

Please expand or review your contact lens wearer knowledge with this guide, if you have further questions please contact our office 352-448-3932.

In order to evaluate lenses, we have to see the lenses on your eyes.

Dr. Robinson utilizes a high powered microscope in order to view the interface between the contact lens and the eye. If you are coming to an appointment for a contact lens evaluation or follow-up appointment, always wear your lenses to the appointment if possible. Do not leave them at home.

New Wearers

How to Insert and Remove Contact Lenses



  • Always wash your hands prior to insertion of lenses.
  • Insert lenses before applying makeup.
  • Ensure contact lens is clean and not inverted prior to insertion (should look like a bowl).
  • Hold eyelids at the lash line to prevent blinking.
  • Keep both eyes open when inserting lenses, and focus in one location with the other eye to keep eyes still.
  • Gently place the contact lens on the eye, be sure the edge of the contact lens does not touch any eyelid or lashes as you are placing the lens.
  • After placing the lens slowly let go of your eyelids and allow lenses to settle and air bubbles to dissipate. This may take a few minutes.


  • Always wash your hands prior to removal of lenses.
  • Remove lenses before removing makeup.
  • Dry your hands extremely well. If your hands are dry it makes removal much easier.
  • Looking directly into a mirror, hold the upper eyelid, look up and gently slide the lens down.
  • Carefully squeeze the lens between your thumb and index finger and remove.

Disinfection and Storage

  • If using a reusable lens, clean and disinfect with the multipurpose solution recommended by Dr. Robinson. Generally either Biotrue Multipurpose, or Optifree Multipurpose.
  • Place lens in palm, flood with solution, rub the lens back and forth with index finger, then rinse again with solution. Store in fresh solution overnight.
  • Always discard used solution from case; never mix old and new solution.
  • Rinse case after every use with solution, store it open and upside down in a dry clean place.
  • Replace case every 3 months.

Comfort and Safety

  • To increase comfort and rehydrate contact lenses during the day, Dr. Robinson recommends using a rewetting drop that can be placed in the eye mid-day such as Blink Contacts. You also can instill Optifree Multipurpose solution or Biotrue Multipurpose solution directly into the eyes mid-day.
  • Do not sleep in lenses unless directed and approved by Dr. Robinson. Special consideration is made for lenses that can be slept in.
  • Never rinse or store with water for any reason.
  • Always discard lenses after prescribed replacement time. For monthly lenses they must be thrown out a month after opening the package, regardless of the amount of hours or days the lenses were actually worn.
  • It’s vital to have a backup pair of glasses.
  • Never wear ripped lenses.
  • If a lens rips prior to the end of a month or you accidentally lose or drop a lens, just text our office and we will have a replacement lens ready for you to pick up. This is a benefit of ordering lenses directly through our office. Read more about our contact lens guarantee.
  • Only wear glasses if you suspect you may have signs of infection until you are seen by Dr. Robinson.
  • If you suspect signs of infection, such as redness, irritation or sudden changes in vision, remove lenses and contact our office immediately. 352-448-3932